In this techno-commercial world ,one cannot imagine life without engineering but will have to if engineering continues to ostracize ethics,principles,moral values from it .

Modernisation entail replacement of traditional equipments,practices with automated technological means has acted as a revolutionary but this revolution has somewhere given more importance to commercial benefits rather than social considerations.

In the present world ,where researchers try to come out with a solution for a problem after going through a deep literature survey but no emphasis is laid down to come up with an ethical solution .

So,Ethical Engineering is an interdisciplinary aspect incorporating social science within engineering.The need to focus on social ,environmental perspectives of the various branches of engineering outcomes.

This site as a forum provides a platform to discuss ,analyse the unethical ,environment unfriendly technological advancement .Framing of engineering ethics and development of a mandate requisite for a researcher to study and work along with giving importance to ethical engineering  guidelines.

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